"Nothing is better than creating memories around the table with family and friends. We absolutely love having a small part in helping you protect and preserve those memories that will last a lifetime!"



Hello. My name is Michael, owner of Cabin King Table Pads. 

I have worked in the table pad industry for over ten years. My partner for over 10 years as well. I was on the phone with customers sometimes six days a week. After listening to years of feedback, my partner and I began to understand fundamental problems with the older style of table pads.

(Notice how all other companies pads use the same colors?) The designs from all the table pad companies are the same(minus locking systems) and have been the same for almost 100 years. (Most all of the current pads come from the same two factories.)

Our Team was able to successfully work with engineers to perfect a pad that is guaranteed to not move on your table, and Snap together. You actually hear the connection. We are VERY PROUD to also be the only company to do custom colors!

Custom made by our experienced craftsman by hand. Each order is hand finished, and put through a rigorous 15 point inspection process. 

Locally Souced. Being aware of our carbon foot-print, and combining our passion with our vast knowledge and experience... we created Cabin King Table Pads.


Cabin King Table Pads
P.O Box 568
46160 Morgantown